Use Shopify and Printful to start an Online T-shirt Store for Free

Use Shopify and Printful to start an Online T-shirt Store for Free

Have you always wanted to start your own online business but wasn't sure how to start? Did you know it no longer takes any money at all to start an online store and you can have it up as quickly as one day? 

It's true. If you have been thinking about starting your own online business there are no more excuses. Just start. It's incredibly simple to get going. 

Let's say you want to start your own clothing business. Here's everything you'll need to get going in as little as one day. 

1. Design software. You'll need software to create your design. Lucky for you, inkscape is free and open source for MAC and PC. Click here to download.

2. A platform to host your website. Shopify is an all in one solution that handles ecommerence, hosting, and website design. Pick a website template and you're ready to go. Click here to sign up

3. Printing and drop shipping supplier. Printful makes it easy to upload your designs, print, and ship them to your customers. You don't need to know anything about drop shipping and they handle returns for you. Just follow the instructions to link your Printful account to your new Shopify store. Click here to sign up. 

This should take you less than 1 hour to set up all these accounts. Then it's time to get to work. Go check out popular designs that are selling on t-shirts and start making your own! 

Need more help getting started? Email us at for one on one help and done for you services. 

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