Artwork Guidelines

* You can avoid artwork time and setup fees by following the guidelines below:

We can work with many artwork file formats or even hand-drawn artwork, but you may be charged extra setup fees if we need to re-create it.

ATTENTION: We do not work from files taken from the internet. If you would like to create your own artwork, install inkscape, the free vector editing program for Mac and PC. When finished, save your file as .SVG. If you would like us to create custom artwork for you, request a free quote. 

Before submitting your file make sure to:
▪ Save your artwork in 100% Vector format or at print size 300 dpi.
▪ Convert all fonts to outlines and embed images.
▪ Include any additional instructions

Acceptable Files:

Vector files: .AI .EPS .PDF .SVG .CDR .FH11
Raster files: Transparent .PSD .PNG .TIFF with artwork at print size 300 dpi.

Unacceptable Files

Raster files: .JPEG .GIF .BMP

Example of Raster file (poor quality) VS. Vector file (high quality)

Once you're ready, fill out our order form or contact us with any questions.